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ZX Series

by FirePower

Fully Modular High Performance

MSRP Starting at $215.50

Power Supply Units


Technical Specifications

Model Numbers
AC Input
Voltage Range:100-240 VAC
Current Rating:850W - 12A
1000W/1250W - 15A
Efficiency:90% typical load (80+ Gold)
DC Output
850W:+3.3V@24A, +5V@30A
+12V@70A, -12V@.5A
1000W:+3.3V@30A, +5V@30A
+12V@83A, -12V@.6A
1250W:+3.3V@30A, +5V@30A
+12V@104A, -12V@.6A
Regulation:3% (+3.3V,+5V,+12V,+5Vsb)
5% (-12V)
Protection:OPP, OCP, SCP, UVP, OVP
Motherboard:20+4 pin ATX
2 X 4+4 pin CPU
Video:850W - 4x 6+2 pin PCI-E
1000W / 1250W -
6x 6+2 pin PCI-E
Drives:12 SATA
9 Peripheral
Operating Temperature:0 - 45°C
MTBF:100,000 hours
Warranty:5 years
Agency Approvals
Safety:UL, ULC, TUV, CB


The ZX series is an unsurpassed solution for delivering high performance power to a variety of PC power applications. The ZX can easily power NVIDIA® SLI™ and ATI CrossFire™ modes, supporting even the most power hungry GPU’s with up to triple GPU configurations. This industrial grade workhorse was designed for the most demanding PC power environments. The ZX is fully modular, versatile, stable, reliable and sports a sleek look keeping your computer environment looking like a pro. The ZX is kept ultra-cool by its load controlled, ultra quiet, 140mm double ball bearing fan which delivers quiet performance, universal input and Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) which allows you to regulate the input voltage from the grid and maintain an economical, stable supply of power. The ZX series is 80 Plus Gold Certified which will deliver 90% efficiency at normal loads. The ZX is an excellent choice for Bitcoin miners, modders enthusiast, and professionals, and is backed by FirePower’s 5 year warranty.

  • SLI, CrossFire & Intel 4th Gen CPU ready
  • 140mm double ball-bearing fan
  • SATA drive connectors
  • Automatic fan speed control
  • 5-Year warranty and support

Awards & Reviews


It's a very powerful power supply, there’s no doubt about that, and it will be able to deliver what you need, for your normal computer. The design can then be discussed but that is a matter of opinion. I would like a power supply in this class to have a little more style and some nice details, like we see on many other manufacturers. But it's the performance that is Alpha and Omega, and it is important that it has the power it should have. It's not cool, having a super nice looking power supply, that can’t deliver.

By The Way (Greece)

This power supply not only presents itself very well through its remarkable test results, but also through the build quality, diverse amount of cables, and 5 year warranty. Additionally it is also supports NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire graphics cards which make it into the perfect solution for power-hungry users.


Overall, the ZX850W did exceptionally well during our tests. It is clear that this PSU will have no trouble powering your power-hungry components while doing it safely. With a 100% modular design and an 80 Plus Gold rating, it is really hard not to like the OCZ ZX 850W. If you are the kind of user the puts performance above price, this is the unit for you.

Hardware Secrets

The ZX Series 850 W can really deliver its labeled wattage at high temperatures. Voltage regulation was another highlight of this product, with all voltages within 3% of their nominal values. This power supply presents its main voltages closer to their nominal values than necessary. Noise and ripple levels were always extremely low on the +5 V and +3.3 V outputs.


The ZX 850W seems to be a very robust and heavy duty power supply. With up to 70A of +12V and 850W of total continuous power available, the ZX 850W should run nearly any dual-GPU configuration that it is cabled for. Being outfitted with quad PCI-E 6+2pin connections offers a good deal of flexibility that many 750W class power supplies simply don't have. And giving users the option to select from seven accessory cables, with up to 12 SATA and/or nine Molex, ensures you'll have the capability to meet all of your demands.

APH Networks

The external build quality of ZX Series 850W power supply is also excellent -- a good indication the company is serious about the product they are selling. The ZX Series 850W modular power supply delivers what it promises -- good efficiency and performance combined with commendably quiet operation. What you do get that you don't get from every other brand, however, is their excellent warranty and service after purchase.

Hardware Heaven

As we would expect for a PSU with Gold Certification the ZX Series 850W unit is a well-built product. From the flawless paintwork on the outside to the use of branded components on the inside, there is very little to fault about the PSU. Noise levels are low and efficiency high which is to be expected on a Gold unit. A quality PSU which excels in efficiency and low noise operation.

Pure Overclock

The ZX Series 1250W is a power supply that delivers solid features and performance and does it in a sleek aesthetic as well. From a functional standpoint, the ZX has excellent voltage regulation and efficiency, requiring an insanely hungry system to tax this beast. The ZX Series 1250W is also very user-friendly for daily 24/7 operation, running very quiet when idle and load, with the fan managing to keep noise levels impressively low. Considering the power available on this unit, it's priced extremely well...making it the least expensive unit in this power range that is 80PLUS Gold certified. That's a great value for a quality unit.

Hardware Bistro (Malaysia)

If you are non-LED/lightning junkie then ZX 850W will suit you the most with its robust quality, decent performance, fully modular cabling, support up to 4 x 6+2 PCI-E and etc. Last but not least the 5 year PowerSwap program is really interesting and convinces us to get it instead from other PSU vendors.


After throwing the ZX 850 power supply through our gauntlet of tests, we were left with a solid set of numbers out of the PSU. Throughout all of our tests, the ZX 850 performed quite well and exactly as advertised. Perhaps what sweetens the deal even more is the price. It is one of the cheapest 850W Gold rated power supplies on the market and arguably is more feature rich than the competition with the inclusion of fully modular cables.

Tech Power Up

[The] ZX Series 1250W currently is one of the most affordable 80Plus Gold PSUs with over 1200W capacity. This along with the fact that it performed very well in almost all our tests makes it a really good PSU for users who plan on powering three high-end graphics cards. If you need a powerful PSU to reliably feed a power hungry system with multiple graphics cards then the ZX 1250 is a great choice.

KitGuru (United Kingdom)

The ZX 1250W is certainly an impressive power supply and one which excelled throughout all our testing over the last couple of days. If you need a substantial supply for multiple high power demand graphics cards then this should certainly be shortlisted. All our testing showed positive results, with stable output regulation delivery and quick response with demanding cross loading.

BCC Hardware

The ZX Series 850W PSU is hands-down the best power supply I've ever tested. The voltage rails are solid. The ripple and noise on this unit is incredibly low. I retested and recalibrated my scope in order to make sure it wasn't malfunctioning. It wasn't. The PSU is simply that solid. Along with stellar performance comes good looks, a fully-modular design and extremely low noise. It worked like a champ through weeks of punishment. I have no major complaints with this unit and if I was buying a new PSU for my rig, I'd certainly consider one of these.

DreamWare Computers

There's no doubt after my testing that the 850W ZX power supply is a strong contender - it performed well in all three key areas I tested it in. Most of all, not only are you getting a high end power supply but the 80PLUS Gold certification is also helping you save a little on the operating cost of this supply versus some of the competition. I would certainly recommend taking the ZX series into consideration.


At the 850W the new ZX power supply will give you all the power and stability you could want in a power supply all while doing it on a single 12v rail. With 70A on that single the ZX has plenty of amps to handle most multi-GPU gaming rigs. And in order to provide power to those video cards there are a total of four PCIe power connectors which could be a rarity with an 850 watt PSU. Besides the power rating and support for a lot of video cards the two other aspects of the power supply that users will love is the fact that it has been awards the 80PLUS Gold rating for efficiency. And we found the unit to be extremely quick for such a high-powered PSU.

The Lab (Greece)

This fully modular PSU has six PCIe connectors; this enables it to supply three high-end graphics cards of power. On top of that it is still able to have a gold efficiency rating despite its monstrous 1250W of power. The ZX1250 has a very strong +12V rail which we think can even boot your car if necessary. Next to the power the most mentionable test are the results from our ripple effect test. It seems that Seasonic and Delta suddenly have another serious competitor to reckon with. The score that we give to the ZX-1250 is 90% which means Outstanding and our Editor’s Choice award.


No doubt that this unit has done very well here today. It puts out it's advertised power. The build quality here is really quite good. This unit is compact, fully modular and has plenty of connectors, including two CPU power connectors and six PCIe power connectors for almost any high-end build. This power supply is a system builder's dream. I have to say this PSU was so close to getting 10's on every level.

Computer DIY (Taiwan)

It is purely more effective and powerful. It is well designed and performed extremely quiet.

Think Computers

The ZX Series is extremely quiet and you can barely tell that it is on, your CPU fan will be louder than this power supply. I really like the completely modular design, this way you can connect the cables to your components first then run them to the power supply. This makes installation much easier in my opinion. Also with modular cables you only use the cables you need so you don't have a bunch of cables sitting around inside of your case that are not needed. The overall size of the power supply is normal so you don't have to worry about it fitting inside your case either.

Overclockers Online

Starting off with our first set of open air tests the unit managed excellent efficiency rating. Line regulation was excellent and handled even beyond 850W of load in some grueling conditions inside the hot box. Typically, this is where we would say something along the lines of "oh but, it is just too expensive", but no, this isn't the case at all.

HardwareLOOK (United Kingdom)

After examining all of our test results and then comparing them in mind to the boasted labels on the front and back of the box, OCZ the highly respected and well known brand for delivering top quality products, has come out victorious with the 1000w ZX series PSU they have released. The most impressive thing about this PSU is it’s so powerful and a little on the large side, but yet it so quiet, and also due to the large sized fan it’s equipped with, makes its super cool as well.

Hardware.Info (Netherlands)

Just in the nick of time for our PSU roundup we received one of OCZ latest high performance PSU; the ZX-850W. With nine Molex- and twelve SATA-cables this PSU has more than enough cables for any typical user. As one of the two power supplies with a Gold certification we measured an average efficiency of 89% which is very decent. Due to the Gold certificate the price is easily justified and therefore the ZX850W receives our Silver Award. A definite must have.

Inside HW (Servia)

The ZX Series really matches the expectations and provides what it promises - maximum performance. Complete modularity of all cables, a plethora of connectors, a high efficiency bearing a 80+ gold certificate, near-complete silence and compactness, together with five years of warranty, and all that at a price which is more than fitting in this product class; what else can we give other than our absolute recommendation?

Next Hardware (Italy)

If we look at the complete package; a power supply with a considerable amount of power, 80Plus Gold certification, modular cable system, and a guarantee of no less than 5 years and on top of that an incredible price we can conclude that it only deserves one award: our 5 out of 5 star award.

Legion Hardware

Given their 80-Plus Gold certification the ZX Series is rather competitively priced. Given that we took one of the world's most powerful desktop processors, the Core i7 980X, and overclocked it to 4GHz while also throwing in a pair of GeForce GTX 480 SLI graphics cards, we were impressed that the ZX 850w was able to tackle this configuration.

PC Pop (China)

The ZX 1250W is a user-friendly, running with the fan that keeps the noise really low. Within the 80PLUS Gold certified power range, it's rather well priced. This fully modular PSU performs really well.

PCEVA (China)

The ZX Series does have maximum performance that matches its prestige. The ZX Series performs rather quietly and the voltage was low. The overall performance, its position in the market and the price, all match well. Especially ZX 1000W PSU, among the two, outstands in every way and is really well-recommended to every PC game players. OCZ insisting in making efforts to produce top quality products once again demonstrate here with ZX Series. (Germany)

The ZX Series we had the most powerful power supply as our guest and it proved to be an extremely powerful and reliable supply of electricity. We give the ZX 1250 from OCZ our Silver Award and for the good price-performance ratio the budget award.

Critical Review (Portugal)

The ZX-850 is without a doubt a power supply for power users and it has no problem taking on the most demanding systems. The build quality stands out from the crowd and it's without a doubt a Must Have in any extreme machine. Whether you want the power needed for overclocking or the modular cabling system for modding, the ZX850W has it all. We highly recommend the ZX-850W for every extreme user.

PC Online (China)

High quality of OCZ product is again revealed here. Its high performance and efficiency will surely satisfy most user's needs. The position as well as its price matches well in this great product.

Technice3D (Germany)

The ZX 850W turned out to be a really good power supply. In addition to being very efficient it is still very quiet at a full load thanks to the 140mm fan. Additionally this power supply is fully modular which means that every excess cable can be removed. With its current price and a warranty period of five years there is simply nothing that you cannot like about this PSU!

Overclockingstation (Germany)

ZX-1000W proves to be a very good PSU. The test results already speak for themselves with it remaining very efficient and cool even after prolonged exposure. The competitive price tag makes it a prime candidate for anybody looking for a high performance PSU. In addition it has a 5-year warranty and our test bench proved the ZX-1000W to be very silent.

Clubic (France)

"The ZX 1000W power supply is nicely finished and has a very good internal ergonomics design. The noise stays below the others in our test, but honesty put first it is also less powerful. Finally, the price tag might be the best argument that will tip over the balance. Priced below € 160 this will be the PSU that is hard to beat!"

Ediciones Duardo (Spain)

The price is very reasonable which makes it the perfect choice for your computer. Trust us; your PC will thank you.

TweakPC (Germany)

This PSU can easily service multiple graphics cards making it perfect for gamers while offering stable voltages in extreme situations which will appeal to the over clockers. The true work of craftsmanship is easily noticeable and it has plenty of connections and a relatively high efficiency. At its current price it is the most affordable of the PSU's that bear a Silver or Gold certification. It has a great balance between performance, features, and price.


The unit ran flawlessly for 4 weeks performing hundreds of hours of video encoding, heavy CrossFire graphics usage, and general day-to-day tasks. While using the i7 based system powered by the ZX850W Power Supply...goes to show OCZ has developed a quality product subject to good quality control mechanisms. This power supply should be considered by any power user, gamer, or computer upgrade/build looking for a quality power supply with all the current technical offerings current PSU designs allows. All-in-all the ZX 850W is a solid choice that won't break the bank.

WASD (Romania)

Testing showed me that the efficiency of the OCZ ZX 1000 was excellent no matter what the load was. Just as important as efficiency comes noise production. Although it's not completely silent, the PSU was not loud enough to hear it over the graphics card fans. Just on full load it was slightly noticeable. The unit is very well built, using very good transistors and everything properly cooled by two large radiators. Even after an hour on full load, cooling still went very well and you would surely be able to use this PSU in a warmer environment.

Lab 501 (Romania)

It features a simple and elegant design and quality finish which can only mean that this is obviously a top product. The connectors are clearly marked (which may help the less experienced), the 140mm fan dominates the lower side of the source, and the label on the opposite side reminds us that we are dealing with a beauty capable of 104A on the 12V rail.

TBreak (Arabic Emirates)

The ZX 1250W proves to be a capable power supply that offers solid performance and is fully capable of handling an array of components.

PlayWares (Korea)

It's a good PSU in terms of its price, its look, and the overall performance.

Expreview (China)

It really fits for workstation and elevates the working performance and efficiency.

Overclockerstech (United Kingdom)

If you are in the market for a high powered PSU to fuel today's demanding graphics cards and want exceptional value for your money, you need to keep the ZX 1250W on your short list. The fully modular cable management design is a pleasure to work with and will make any system build look very clean when finished. OverclockersTech is proud to give the ZX a 9/10 rating and the accompanying gold award!"

Xpert OC Team (Germany)

This power supply is for everybody; enthusiast, over clocker or user who need demand absolute silence, we highly recommend it. It offers good performance at a pleasant volume. What more could you ask?!

InsideHW (Serbia)

The claim that OCZ never ceases to improve their components with each subsequent product series seems just about right, and it's been proven yet again. The ZX Series really matches the expectations and provides what it promises - maximum performance.

Overclock Zone (Thailand)

"OCZ insists to produce top quality products and it is shown here with ZX Series."

Islabit (Spain)

The ZX-Series is the High-End PSU series, delivers maximum performance and Gold Plus certificate and offers some real competition for the other ATX power supplies.

Ferra (Russia)

Even under a 1248W load the +12V rail only measured a mere variance of 0.11V to 11.89V. With this price the ZX-1250 is able to put up a very good show: its voltages are very stable, easy to use, and has a nice selection of cables.


The ZX-Series is the High-End PSU series, delivers maximum performance and Gold Plus certificate and offers some real competition for the other ATX power supplies.

Hispazone (Spain)

The ZX-series is the most comprehensive range and has all the features that anybody could ever need. The ZX1250W is a power supply of conventional size, suitable for installation in the vast majority ATX motherboards. [They] has been working hard at making a truly powerful source with the convenience of a single 12v rail. The 80 Plus Gold certification ensures an efficiency of up to 92% at every load possible. It has a very quiet fan and in addition it does not use much power which makes the ZX-series a potential money-saver. With 1250W the ZX power supply that we had the pleasure to test has all the features that you would need for a high-performance machine or workstation.


The ZX Series 1250W is not only powerful, with a single 104 Amp +12v rail, but it is also extremely quiet. My dBa meter registered no change in the sound level what so ever. It looks great, it performs great, it's quiet, I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

Overclock Intelligence Agency

The ZX 850W seems to be a very robust and heavy duty power supply. With up to 70A of +12V and 850W of total continuous power available, the ZX 850W should run nearly any dual-GPU configuration that it is cabled for. Being outfitted with quad PCI-E 6+2pin connections offers a good deal of flexibility that many 750W class power supplies simply don't have. And giving users the option to select from seven accessory cables, with up to 12 SATA and/or nine Molex, ensures you'll have the capability to meet all of your demands.

PC Foster (Poland)

The ZX1000W has a very rich set cables of a sufficient length which are perfect for building a multi-GPU system.

Gamezoom (Austria)

The ZX 1000 is a real Powerful PSU! It is perfect for Multi-GPU-Users, Overclockers and Enthusiasts for its great performance and high efficiency at still an affordable price point.

Hardware-Test (Denmark)

If you are looking for at nice quiet 1000 watt PSU for your monster overclocked gaming rig, the ZX1000 is worth a look. It comes with 80+ Gold performance, and my test results show that it performs to those specs.

Hardaily (Spain)

We highly recommend the ZX1250W for servers and high-end PC's.