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PC Power & Cooling Signature Series

Turbo Cool

by FirePower

Non-Modular Maximum Performance

MSRP Starting at $349.99

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Technical Specifications

Model Number
AC Input
Voltage Range:100-240VAC
Current Rating:12A
Efficiency:80% typical load (80+ Standard)
DC Output
860W:+3.3V@22A, +5V@26A, +12V@64A, -12V@.8A, +5Vsb@3A
Regulation:1.5% (+3.3V,+5V,+12V), 5% (-12V, +5Vsb)
Protection:OCP, SCP, UVP, OVP
Motherboard:24 pin ATX,
4+4 pin & 8 pin CPU
Video:2 x 6 pin &
2 x 6+2 pin PCI-E
Drives:8 - Sata,
7 - Peripherals
Operating Temperature:0 - 50°C
MTBF:200,000 hours
Warranty:7 years
Agency Approvals
Safety:UL, ULC, TUV, CB


The Turbo-Cool series is an excellent choice for performance, power users, and Bitcoin miners who need highly reliable power delivery and is backed by FirePower’s 7 year warranty.

The Turbo-Cool 860 leads the industry in reliability with a 200,000 hr MTBF. This is a professional, industrial-grade PSU in a standard ATX case.

  • 860W Continuous (930W Peak) @ 50°C
  • Heavy-Duty Caps, Inductors, Heat Sinks, Etc.
  • External Fine-Tune Voltage Adjust (+3.3, +5, +12)
  • Premium Sag and Surge Protection (.985 PFC)
  • 80+ Certified Ultra-High Efficiency (85% Typical)
  • +12VDC @ 64A/70A Peak (Powerful Single Rail)
  • Ultra-Tight Voltage Regulation (+VDC @ 1.5%)
  • 24-pin, 8-pin, and 4/8-pin M/B Connectors
  • 4 PCI-E and 16 Drive Connectors
  • NVIDIA® SLI Certified (up to Dual GTX260)
  • Ultra-High Reliability (200,000 Hr. MTBF)
  • Individual 14-point Certified Test Report
  • Industry’s Strongest Warranty Program (7 yrs)

Awards & Reviews

PC-Max (Germany)

The PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool shows that even high-performance power supplies can get by well with only a 12V rail. In our test the power supply particularly convinced in the potential gradient and efficiency. With a peak of 89%, the power supply is very good in terms of efficiency. In 230-volt the system would meet the values determined and even the conditions for an 80+ Silver certification. The voltage curves border on a 2.5% difference. When you consider that at high utilization over 55 amps on the 12V rail issues, this is very good, especially in regard to this. All three measured tensions that now and then show clear peaks, which lie however in the framework. In short, the power supply meets its name 100%: "Turbo" applies to the tension, in addition to volume and " Cool" remains also with highest loads from the hardware.

Dark Hardware (Turkey)

Turbo-Cool 860 is one of the highest quality and most powerful power supplies on the market. Unless you insist on dead-silence, you may not go wrong with Turbo-Cool 860. As well as workstations, it is especially recommended for custom built servers, where the reliability is premium.

Hispazone (Spain)

PC Power & Cooling have released a high-performance PSU, which should be a direct reference to other manufacturers. It is a PSU that provides solid and seamless power and has a regulatory system so that every user can control the output configuration of the PSU. It is a compact PSU, only 15cm long, where cooling is provided by a more traditional design and a typical 80mm rear fan. This product is the best PSU there is, according to the analysis of HispaZone.

XHReviews (France)

For the PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 860, let ‘s note the excellent tensions in +12V, +5V and +3,3V, especially at full charge, and provides continuous performance for hours and hours. Its serious design and look will match all cases, as well as cable protection and cable length that are showing all of the quality PC Power & Cooling is putting into their PSU. And they should be sure of themselves since they are offering a 7 years warranty on that unit when we are more used on 2 to 3 years on competitive products. This PSU will fit daily use even if it is targeted to high performance systems, like gaming or overclocking ones.

[H]ard OCP

The overall build quality of the Turbo-Cool 860 is excellent. The unit also features a healthy apportionment of relevant connectors that can be customized to a user’s specification if the user orders directly from PC Power & Cooling. This is a service and build feature that is, as yet, unmatched by any other vendor we have reviewed and certainly is worth some amount of price premium.Today we saw the Turbo-Cool 860 post efficiency numbers of 81.94% to 85.05% at 120v and 81.09% to 84.88% at 100v that can only be described as excellent. The PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860 is a good power supply that does well in all our tests and everything about its build quality, voltage regulation, efficiency, and DC Output quality make us want to unabashedly recommend this unit.


The build quality is again very good, as we have come to expect from PCP&C. The chosen components are all very high quality, such as the Hitachi capacitor. PCP&C states an MTBF of 200,000 hours, which is definitely a long time. Well-chosen components are also responsible for the good overall test results. The output stability of the 12V rail is very good, coming within 2% of regulation. Efficiency-wise, this power supply is one of the best we have seen. At lower input voltages of 90VAC and 120VAC, this unit still reaches up to 84% and 85% efficiency, respectively - again good results. PCP&C earned our Gold Editors' Choice award with their Silencer 750 Quad last year; the 860W Turbo Cool looks to continue that legacy in 2008. We'll be looking at plenty of contenders, but at present PCP&C has set the bar quite high.

PC Perspective

The new PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W power supply was designed for both industry professionals and high-end gamers who demand the very best. The 860 demonstrated excellent efficiency, very good voltage regulation, and produced clean outputs. The Turbo-Cool 860 can deliver up to 64A (768W) of +12V continuous power at up to 50°C operating temperature and can support dual, high-end video cards with four PCI-E connectors. All this in a small chassis that will fit in virtually any ATX style case. The build quality of the Turbo-Cool 860W power supply is excellent and it is backed by PC Power & Cooling’s new 7-year warranty and legendary support. If you like to tweak things and are looking to fine tune your DC output voltages, the Turbo-Cool 860 allows some adjustment without providing too great a range that could inadvertently cause damage to your PC’s components.

CPU Magazine

With its relatively high output rating, high efficiency, quality construction, and adjustable rails, it’s easy to like the Turbo-Cool 860. Considering its features, performance, and competitive price, this has to be our favorite PSU of the bunch.


For a premium PSU like this, this price is slightly less than we had expected. Out of all the power supplies we’ve tested so far, this is definitely the most stable. As for noise, it certainly wasn’t loud and it did well to keep up with power supplies with the lower rpm 120mm fan instead of the 80mm in this unit. It’s proved that 80mm’s really can be quiet.


The PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 860W PSU is a very good power supply indeed. It handled all our power hungry components with no problems at all. This PSU is truely designed for the most demanding of enthusiasts. All the voltages across the board were rock solid with very little fluctuations during heavy load. In my opinion, the PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 860W PSU is one of the best sub-1000W power supply we've tested to date.

CPU Magazine: Power Supply Buying Guide

The Turbo-Cool name has been synonymous with efficiency long before it was "in" to be green. If you want a PSU that will handle today's equipment with ease and also be able to tackle tomorrow's gear, then this is your perfect PSU. Tweakers will also enjoy twiddling with the voltage-adjusting potentiometers

Hardware Overclock (Germany)

Outstanding and robust – both in terms of design and from a technical point of view it is flawless. The Turbo-Cool 860 is extremely stable, after testing it for 120hours we could not find any fluctuation, it always stayed below the tolerance. We would like to point out that unlike other manufactures PCPC always states the average output of a PSU, this specific unit has a peak of over 900W for example. If you change your current PSU for the Turbo-Cool 860 you will see an immediate difference. If you change your current PSU for the Turbo-Cool 860 you will see an immediate difference. Completely stable, no fluctuations and plenty of connectors for your hardware. The performance is very impressive, all in all our Editor’s Choice Award is well deserved!

Planet 3D Now (Germany)

As soon as we open the PSU the unique architecture of the Turbo-Cool becomes visible which has a very smart layout to save space. The Turbo-Cool is equipped with the highest quality components in every aspect, we have never seen anything of this quality, this must be the best power supply we have looked at. All our tests showed the Turbo-Cool is extremely stable and the results are simply impressive.

This is one of the rare moments were you get a plain looking PSU and discover it is a pearl! Usually you open a PSU and find the same old design or poor quality components, the Turbo-Cool 860 is something different. Creativity and uniqueness is what comes to mind. The Turbo-Cool 860 offers you the quality and advantages of a server class PSU with features fit for the enduser and is the absolute reference in its class, we can’t see anything like it on the market at the moment. The Turbo-Cool 860 truly deserves our Editors Choice and as our readers know awards are rare on our site.

The size, black elegant and sleek look of the Turbo-Cool 860 will fit perfectly in any case. The performance was simply outstanding, completely stable on all loads over a long period of time during our tests. The Turbo-Cool uses quality components and PC Power & Cooling backs that up with a 7 year warranty program which is not common. The cables are also an important factor, they are high quality, well sleeved and are long enough. This is the perfect PSU for Gamers‘ and Overclockers‘ high-end systems!

AnandTech: Summer Buyers Guide

PC Power & Cooling delivers a product worth every penny. The internals seem like they come from another planet, since they don't look even close to what we see with other manufacturers. On top of that, PC Power uses a DC-to-DC conversion for the lower voltage rails. The performance was excellent, with only 2.8mV ripple on the 12V rail. The efficiency at medium load was over 88% with 230VAC, which is one of the best results we have seen so far.