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Pro Series

by FirePower

Semi-Modular High Performance

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Power Supply Units

  • 400W

    80Plus Standard

  • 500W

    80Plus Standard

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    80Plus Standard

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    80Plus Standard

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Technical Specifications

Model Numbers
AC Input
Voltage Range:100-240 VAC
Current Rating:400W - 8A
500W / 600W - 10A
Efficiency:80% / 80+ Standard
DC Output
Protection:OPP, SCP, OVP, UVP
Motherboard Connectors:20+4 ATX
4-pin & 8-pin CPU
Video Connectors:6-pin &
6+2-pin PCI-E
Drive Connectors:6 - SATA
4 - Peripheral
2 - Floppy
Operating Temperature:0 - 40°C
MTBF:100,000 hours
Warranty:3 years
Agency Approvals
Safety:UL, ULC, TUV, CB


The ModXstream Pro Series is an excellent solution to drive your PC to perform at peak levels. This professional grade, NVIDIA® SLI™ PC power supply is ready to power dual graphics (above 600W) for your modding, mining and performance computing needs. The ModXstream is a sleek, modular, compact, ultra-cool and quiet power supply with a 135mm fan designed for optimum cooling and ultra-quiet performance enhancing your computing experience. The ModXstream is 80 Plus Certified and will deliver 82% efficiency at normal loads. The ModXstream is equipped with modular cable management technology to allow complete customization of your power system by utilizing only the cables you require. Backed by FirePower’s 3 year warranty, the ModXstream gives you cool, quiet, professional power performance delivering peace of mind while you drive your system as hard as you can.

  • 80 Plus Certified
  • Semi-Modular
  • SLI, CrossFire & Intel 4th Gen CPU ready
  • 135mm fan
  • Automatic Fan Speed Control Circuit
  • 3-Year Warranty

Awards & Reviews


The results speak for themselves really, they are very solid indeed. The modular cables and large fan mean that not only the PSU runs cool, but it also improves airflow within the case... is extremely quiet, modular and stable. Therefore, we can whole heartedly recommend this PSU, which is simply perfect for all but the most advanced gaming rigs.

Hardaily (Spain)

Positioned above the entry-level power supplies the 600 Watt ModXStream Pro is very suitable for gamers. It is able to support up to two mid-range graphics cards and with an 80Plus certification offers a good efficiency.

Hardware Secrets

ModXStream Pro 600 W proved to be an outstanding mainstream 600 W power supply, surprising us at all and every level. ModXStream Pro 600 W a bargain, being the power supply with one of the best cost/benefit ratios for the average user today.

Tech-Reviews (United Kingdom)

As you can see from the results, the ModXStream scores well in both the efficiency and wattage department. Furthermore, the noise output from the unit is impressive with it hardly being heard. In terms of usability, the ModXStream also proves itself worthy with an excellent set of connectivity options and attractive grey and red color scheme to follow suit

Computer Shopper: Ultimate Buying Guide

This ultra-efficient 80 Plus Gold-rated power supply features a quiet, thermally controlled 135mm fan and a mix of fixed and modular cables. With four PCIe connectors and a whopping 71 amps on the 12-volt rail, it's well-equipped to run a pair of high-end video cards in an SLI or CrossFire configuration.

CPU Magazine

There is such a thing as overkill in the world of power supplies. If you're not sitting on a 130W processor and at least one high-end graphics card, then there's very little reason for you to sink a couple hundred dollars into a 1kW+ PSU. It does boast many of the same design elements as other units in our lineup an intelligent blend of modular and fixed cables, a 135mm fan for quiet cooling, and 80 Plus standard certification. Of course, the fact that this power supply is amongst the quietest in our roundup is icing on the cake.

Overclockers Online

The ModXStream Pro 500W available for about $60 dollars holds quite well against the bigger, more expensive players out there. Our tests showed that the unit runs cool. The unit stayed well within defined ATX specifications and given the price, the ModXStream Pro is definitely an attractive unit worth considering.

Technews (Latvia)

The ModXStream -600Watt- performed really well and withstands any of today's challenges in power management. It is definitely capable of providing 600 Watts of power [and sometimes more] at high temperatures. Although we stressed the product quite a bit, it kept itself nicely within the limits of the parameters. Although the ModXstream series can detach unnecessary cables, which is a nice feature and keeps the internals of the computer case's clean, technically it has no difference than if it had the standard non-detachable cables. The efficiency is quite common and was stable on 85% under several loads. You can find it for approximately 75 € throughout Europe which is a very attractive price for such a quality power supply. It showed us good performance and no real disadvantages and for that we kindly hand out the Recommended Award.

Dexgo (Germany)

"The first PSU of OCZ that we got to test leaves a good impression. The 600 Watt ModXStream Pro comes neatly packed with a handy bag for modular cables that are not used. The cables themselves are colour coded which helps anyone from making a faulty connection. Even though the ModXStream only has an 80 Plus Basic certification, the values that we measure are very impressive. We even measure values that came close to a Bronze certification. On top of these great figures we also found out that, when using the PSU at full load, the noise is minimal. Because of its high efficiency, great performance, and affordable price we reward this PSU with our Silver Award.

PC Pop (China)

[ModXstream] 500W power supply is well-designed, made solid in manufacturing and stable in performance. ModXStream Pro 500 W provides high efficiency, having noise and ripple levels within proper range.