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FireStorm Signature Series

FireStorm Series

by FirePower

Fully Modular Ultimate Gaming Experience

MSRP Starting at $85.00

Power Supply Units


Technical Specifications

Model Numbers
AC Input
Voltage Range:550W - 115-230VAC
750W / 1000W / 1050W
- 100-240VAC
Current Rating:550W - 8A
750W - 10A
1000W - 13A
1050W - 15A
Frequency:50 - 60 Hz
Efficiency:550W - 85% typical load (80+ Bronze)
750W / 1000W / 1050W - 90% typical load (80+ Gold)
DC Output
550W:+3.3V@22A, +5V@22A
+12V@41.25A, -12V@.3A
750W:+3.3V@22A, +5V@22A
+12V@62.5A, -12V@.3A
1000W:+3.3V@25A, +5V@25A
+12V@83A, -12V@.8A
1050W:+3.3V@25A, +5V@25A
+12V@87.5A, -12V@.3A
5% (+3.3V, +5V, +12V, +5Vsb)
10% (-12V)
750W / 1000W
3%(+3.3V, +5V, +12V, +5Vsb)
5% (-12V)
1050W - 5%
Protection:OPP, SCP, UVP, OVP 750W / 1000W / 1050W - OCP
Motherboard:24 pin ATX
550W/750W - 4+4 pin CPU
1000W / 1050W - 2 x 4+4 pin CPU
Video:550W- 2x 6+2 pin PCI-E
750W- 4x 6+2 pin PCI-E
1000W - 6x 6+2 pin PCI-E
1050W - 8X 6+2 pin PCI-E
Drives:550W / 750W - 8 SATA, 6 Peripheral
1000W - 12 SATA, 8 Peripheral
1050W - 15 SATA, 5 Peripheral
Operating Temperature:550W / 750W - 0-40°C. 1000W / 1050W - 0-50°C
MTBF:100,000 hours
Warranty:550W - 3 years
1000W - 5 years
750W / 1050W - 7 years
Agency Approvals
Safety:550W / 750W / 1050W - cTUVus, TUV, CB
1000W - UL, ULC, TUV, CB
EMI:FCC-B, CE, (1000W C-Tick, BSMI, CCC)
Fatal1ty®:is a registered trademark of Auravision, Inc

FireStorm Series FEATURES

Pros Don’t Just Play Games, Pros Win Games!

Dedicated to delivering premium power solutions, FirePower’s latest PSU was developed to meet the specific needs of fellow gamers in performance, stability, and ease of integration to reduce system downtime.

Built for Gamers

Featuring a sleek look, glowing LEDs, and modular cable design ideal for gamers and case modders, keep your case tidy and maximize airflow while showing off your rig during gaming events. With a powerful single +12V rail, this PSU is capable of delivering continuous power up 40°C ideal for a demanding multi-GPU gaming rig and stable power for Intel®Haswell™ -based gaming rigs.

Extremely Cool and Quiet

Powered by a large load and temperature controlled fan, the FireStorm Series maintains ultimate stability and silence during the most intense gaming sessions, eliminating distracting noises from your PC and reducing heat buildup inside your gaming rig. With 80 Plus Gold (750W / 1050W) certification, the PSU operates at an excellent 90% efficiency under real world operating environments to lighten your energy burden.

Leading Warranty and Support

The FireStorm gaming PSU series comes backed by a 5 Year (750W & 1050W) warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

  • 80 Plus Gold Certified 750W / 1050W
  • Fully Modular 750W / 1050
  • SLI, CrossFire & Intel 5th Gen CPU ready
  • 135mm double ball-bearing fan
  • Automatic Fan Speed Control Circuit


Awards & Reviews


"Both on the inside and outside the PSU simply is done right as the aesthetics simply are good. Product and feature wise from A to Z things are done right, the PSU next to that has cool looks, is modular and comes with sleeved cables which if you where planning to do so, is going to save you heaps of time not doing it yourself. the Fata1ty 750 Watt PSU is simply a product that will offer very good value for money.


A modular PSU with flat cables that is powerful and affordable, designed for computer enthusiasts, who are looking for an 750W PSU. The Fatal1ty PSU comes with an affordable price in its class providing efficiency of a high-end power supply. A stylish product that deserves the Turkchip ‘The Best’ Award.’

GeForce Italia

The Fatal1ty PSU Series is designed for gamer and modding enthusiasts. The feature-set of this PSU holds fully modular cable management, great manufacturing quality, stable voltages and reliable performance. Completing the package with an affordable price it now also comes with our Gold Award recommendation

Xfastest (Taiwan)

The performance of Fatal1ty 550W is much better than others' whether in material part or output stability section, it could effectively protect and prolong PC life.

BCC Hardware

Overall, I was quite impressed with this PSU and I absolutely love the modular connectors. Â It does what they claim, plus a little more and we are very pleased with the overall performance.

Hardware Heaven

For the build quality of this PSU OCZ have done well. For performance the new revision 750w Fatal1ty unit gives us decent readings across the board with efficiency exceeding the advertised rating and ripple being well within the required specifications too.

Funky Kit

Fatal1ty 750W is PSU worth to recommend to all , not only gamers. It combines all high quality PSU features served in fully modular build at reasonable price. If we add 5 year warranty then we receive nearly perfect PSU for daily work or gaming.

OCaholic (Switzerland)

With the Fatal1ty 750W, a solid power supply in its portfolio which is very suitable for the upper entry level market. Overall you get a decent feature mix for as little as 75 Euro. If you're about to buy a new PSU and it shouldn't be more than 75 Euro but still be capable of coping with quite some power hungry hardware, then this unit is no bad choice.

Overclock Zone

This product is a great choice for gamers, Fatal1ty with good working of full load part, high class quality and PF score with excellent heat control.


The product is pretty solid, the noise levels are more than acceptable because it's hard to even notice the PSU on full operation, if you're already own a previous gen Fatal1ty PSU and you want to upgrade getting the benefits of a 100% modular PSU, this is the way to go.

By The Way (Greece)

Overall the new Fatal1ty power supply performed very well with very stable voltages on the +12V, even at full load. We were also quite impressed by the efficiency which was well above 80Plus Bronze standards. Given its fully modular design, 5 year warranty and reasonable price we give it our value for money award.

Noticias 3D (Spain)

The Fatal1ty 750W proved to be a very good power supply offering on average an efficiency of 85.18%. Producing little noise, and cased in a beautiful fully modular design we recommend this power supply.

Pure Overclock

The Fatal1ty 750W looks to continue the tradition of strong power supplies, and this unit successfully accomplishes that, delivering great features and excellent performance. If you want something showy that doesn't break the bank, the Fatal1ty Series 750W is an excellent option, bringing a solid combination of excellent performance, build quality, and styling in an affordable package.

Hi-Tech Legion

The Fatal1ty 750W power supply is a good deal for the mainstream gamer. The PSU is backed by a 5 year warranty and performs well while running efficiently in most situations.

Hispazone (Spain)

With the introduction of the new Fatal1ty series OCZ not only addresses the need for more energy efficient power supplies but also offers the quality needed for high performance gamer systems. With a new modern design and available at affordable prices we highly recommend them.

Tweak (Denmark)

When it comes to the design and features this power supply is without a doubt a Gamer’s Power Supply. With a black casing and red LED lights in the fan it definitely looks the part. Performance-wise it had no problem powering our GTX 780 GPU AMD platform, while staying very silent even when put to full use.

Gamezoom (Austria)

With the new Fatal1ty 550W you get an affordable, power supply of good quality with plenty of connectors. For the price conscious gamer this is a real no brainer

PC Foster (Poland)

Fatal1ty 750 W offers excellent voltage regulation and higher than the declared performance. It is an excellent choice, because it is difficult to find in similarly priced model with similar capabilities

The 750W Fatal1ty power supply is a very safe bet. Judging by the internal design it is a quality device which will attract many gamers. We also in particular like the black design and how it clearly marks the modular power connectors which should look very nice for gamers that use a transparent side panel.

Inside Hardware (Serbia)

As we've expected, the Fatal1ty power supply worked great. Voltages that it provides under load are very well controlled without large and sudden falls, while working in very small oscillations.

FPS (Thailand)

This product was designed for gamer without doubt.