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    Deal of the Week: June 29th to July 6th ModXstream Series 700 watt for $74.99 Buy Online Now or Call (760) 931-5700

    Semi-Modular High Performance

    by firepower technology

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    The ModXstream Pro Series is an excellent solution to drive your PC to perform at peak levels. This professional grade, NVIDIA® SLI™ PC power supply is ready to power dual graphics (above 600W) for your modding, mining and performance computing needs. The ModXstream is a sleek, modular, compact, ultra-cool and quiet power supply with a 135mm fan designed for optimum cooling and ultra-quiet performance enhancing your computing experience. The ModXstream is 80 Plus Certified and will deliver 82% efficiency at normal loads. The ModXstream is equipped with modular cable management technology to allow complete customization of your power system by utilizing only the cables you require. Backed by FirePower’s 3 year warranty, the ModXstream gives you cool, quiet, professional power performance delivering peace of mind while you drive your system as hard as you can.

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    Deal of the Week: June 29th to July 6th Fatal1ty Series 550 watt for $64.99 Buy Online Now or Call (760) 931-5700

    Fully Modular Ultimate Gaming Experience

    by firepower technology

    Enter coupon code "30years" when ordering and receive $20 off. This week only.

    Pros Don’t Just Play Games, Pros Win Games!

    Dedicated to delivering premium power solutions, FirePower’s latest PSU was co-developed with twelve-time world champion Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel to meet the specific needs of fellow gamers in performance, stability, and ease of integration to reduce system downtime.

    Built for Gamers

    Featuring a sleek look, glowing LEDs, and modular cable design ideal for gamers and case modders, keep your case tidy and maximize airflow while showing off your rig during gaming events. With a powerful single +12V rail, this PSU is capable of delivering continuous power up 40°C ideal for a demanding multi-GPU gaming rig and stable power for Intel®Haswell™ -based gaming rigs.

    Extremely Cool and Quiet

    Powered by a large load and temperature controlled fan, the Fatal1ty Series maintains ultimate stability and silence during the most intense gaming sessions, eliminating distracting noises from your PC and reducing heat buildup inside your gaming rig. With 80 Plus Bronze certification, the PSU operates at an excellent 85% efficiency under real world operating environments to lighten your energy burden.

    Leading Warranty and Support

    The Fatal1ty gaming PSU series comes backed by a 3 Year (550W) or 5 Year (750W & 1000W) warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

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    when you need power and ultra quiet performance...

    the Silencer Mk III® 1200w

    by firepower technology

    The industrial-grade yet refined MK III 1200W is the Silencer Series’ most comprehensively powerful solution yet, and features a stringent 80-Plus Platinum certified rating for the highest energy efficiency possible. The MK III 1200W also sports a new Dual Thermal Control System, a sophisticated operation that allows the PSU to switch between normal and silent mode seamlessly.

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Built for serious Gamers


Our Fatal1ty® brand power supplies were inspired by and co-developed with Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, 12 time world champion and member of the Video Game Hall of Fame. Our Fatal1ty® products are built for serious gamers, featuring sleek lines, glowing LED’s and a light up LED fan, a modular cable design to keep your gaming rig neat and looking clean and maximize airflow while overclocking and driving your system to the max.

Gamers want their power to be extremely stable and quiet. We deliver. With our large load temperature controlled fan, the Fatal1ty® series of gaming PC power supplies maintains ultimate stability and silence allowing you to focus on winning, period. The Fatal1ty power supplies are all 80 plus rated. The 550W and the 750W are certified as bronze allowing the power supply to operate at 85% efficiency, and the 1000W is certified as gold allowing the power supply to operate at 90% efficiency during the most intense gaming sessions. Our Fatal1ty® products are the ultimate power supply for gamers and are covered by FirePower’s 3 or 5 year warranty depending on the model.

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Custom Solutions

OEM Solutions

We offer OEM and custom solutions for all your needs from design concept to mass production. We accept Government and Educational bids, with over 30 years in the power supplies business, we provide an unbeatable set of services and custom solutions for your power supply needs.

– Customized packaging, special labels and logos
– Worldwide power cords
– Other Safety requirements and certifications, globally
– Testing and troubleshooting of existing products
– Custom cabling and connectors (AC or DC)
– Custom switches and receptacles
– Custom input capacitors (maximum hold-up time)
– Preload for +5VDC output (non-PC applications)
– Remote sense (voltage regulation option)
– Cooling fan upgrades (increase CFM, MTBF and decrease noise level)
– Ruggedization of circuitry (abnormal vibrations)
– Externally-adjustable voltages (component testing)
– Special brackets and customized mounting
– Additional current on any DC output

Call us today to order any of these custom power supply options.

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